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All Bombs



Bombs?! Where did this come from?

This page is definitely a departure from the plant-themed other pages, and that's because All Bombs Are Stupid (ABAS) is an extension of LTC's general nature-based and nature-driven focus. While LTC's work generally considers ways that we humans can better integrate into the natural systems within and outside of us, ABAS is LTC's exploration into the ways business can be of service to non-clients. ABAS was founded on a simple premise.


No matter how people may politically differ, LT couldn't imagine a single person that would want their personal homes and communities bombed because of some stupid shit their government did. Bombs and broadcasting explosives of all types, regardless of their level of technology, are actually stupid. Is there ever a good enough reason to completely destroy an entire area and cause a guaranteed loss of 'innocent' life, life otherwise unrelated to the presumed conflict? 

Would you want your home and everything around you blown up because someone in your government made a decision, all while they continue along with their day, unbombed?

No. Literally no one does. That's wack. Who would actually want that. And if we wouldn't want it for ourselves, it's not okay to want it, or allow it happening, for anyone else.

Yet every day -- whether in the literal or philosophical sense, under immediate concern or recurring fearful musing, in terrified cries or nervous quips in everyday conversation -- millions upon millions of humans have lived with at least some fear of death falling out of the sky or bursting up from the ground. And such destruction is never the answer. 


 In short, we don't need bombs to live well. So let's live without them.

This page will be a resource for anyone interested in information about why bombs are stupid, and about what else we could be doing with the energy, technology, time, and funds used to explode them. For now, the ABAS page exists as a resource and support for a completely bomb-free world. In the future, ABAS may move into advocacy and real-world support work. Hopefully ABAS will grow over time, until it is not needed anymore.

Humans can absolutely rid ourselves of bombs. Not too long ago, those things didn't exist. We are powerful enough to let our wisdom and love of life transform what has been fashioned to destroy people and the planet. ABAS is all about helping humanity do so. 

Uncle Sam Graffiti

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