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Local Environmental Advocacy & 
Self-Leadership Consulting

What is Limes-Taylor Consulting?

Hello, I'm Dr. Kelly Limes-Taylor (or LT),  the founder of Limes-Taylor Consulting (or LTC).


This company is a way that I can serve others, both by using my unique perspective and by engaging methodologies and techniques that prioritize Awareness and the health of the natural world.


This happens in two primary ways at Limes-Taylor Consulting:


  • Self-leadership consulting, by helping individuals and groups navigate their challenges with an enhanced sense of inner knowing and internal calm. This helps clients better attune to their personal navigation systems while addressing their challenges.

  • Localized environmental advocacy, by managing or providing support for projects created to serve and protect the natural environments closest to our office, particularly our local forests and water systems.


LTC's motto is "You know," because I believe that we often know the best directions to take in our lives -- we just prevent ourselves from recognizing this knowledge, usually. My work is to help us recognize and trust the knowledge we sometimes hide from ourselves. 

In its own special way, this company exists to help wisdom grow.

If you're interested in knowing more or working with Limes-Taylor Consulting, I'd love to hear from you.



Want to know more about my past work?

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