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In case you didn't see on the Home page, my name is Kelly Limes-Taylor.  

While I could describe myself in a lot of ways, I am probably most deeply engaged in my roles as a mother, an observer, a thinker, and a spiritual person with a personal interest in forests. These qualities have shaped me into a person that values wisdom -- which, to me, is the most important quality a person can possess.


My personal definition of wisdom is a combination of (1.) a personalized knowledge tradition or foundation; (2.) self-honesty; (3.) connection to intuition; and (4.) intentional positive engagement with diversity. I believe this combination leads to the best outcomes for all involved in any challenge together, and this is why my consulting and advising aim is to assist others in trusting their own wisdom.

From my perspective, wisdom exists on all planes of human existence: physically, mentally, emotionally ('the space inside'); socially, culturally, environmentally ('the space outside'); and galactically, cosmically, spiritually ('the space beyond'). The more planes that one's wisdom consciously benefits, the greater and more widely beneficial is that person's overall wisdom to the whole -- however that 'whole' is imagined. My intention is to help individuals and organizations engage their wisdom on as many of the planes as they prefer. 


I believe we are free beings in a universe that requires consent. Helping others understand this, while navigating their circumstances, is a prime driver in my work... whatever form that work takes. I look forward to sharing this perspective with you and your networks.


Want to know more about work I've done?

Please check out my list of publications and presentations here.

Please check out previous pieces I've written in my archived blog here.

Please check out my dissertation and related oral history work here.


Interested in knowing more or working with Limes-Taylor Consulting?

Check out my Services page or contact me!

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