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  • Kelly Limes-Taylor

Three days’ thoughts

Updated: Jun 4


(Magic is simply the unwavering trust that your intuition is always right.)

(Beauty is the language of God.)

(Following your passion is the Earth’s way of healing herself.)


They’re going to destroy the entire planet, just to get what they want. Which they can’t even name. They are the Consumption.

They tried to imitate their old kings. Petty, scared men. Just as cruel. They became the overlords of everything, the jealousy of long-dead sovereigns poisoning their domain.

They try imitate their old kings. Incestuous, flaccid, stupid. Afraid. Kings so terrified of their own mortality, they pretended they were God, then believed it.


(TL; DR: Our society’s most highly compensated act: telling the opposite of truth.)

(TL; DR: In a society based on Lie, lying is the best rewarded.)


if we consider “normalcy” as “everyone’s agreeing on a way of being”:

if *everyone* doesn’t agree that something is normal, it’s not normal.

what they tell you is normal, then, actually cannot be normal if you don’t agree that it is.

someone who tells you that something is normal when you do not agree is lying to you. because nothing is actually normal if you don’t agree that it is.

the co-existence of two different ideas of normalcy requires violence — whether physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual.

a willingness to concede to normalcy without unanimity is a willingness to have violence perpetrated in your name.


I think, therefore, I am.

I know, therefore, I am.

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